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2013, A Tasting Pictoral

A brief visual trip from my 2013 tasting diary, in chronological order. No apologies if you head to the kitchen right after… Pho from Pho 75 Reston, VA Grilled Thick Sourdough Breakfast Sandwich at Lowell’s (better picture) Seattle, WA Infused Martinis (pre-poutine) at Tini Bigs Seattle, WA The Boat from The Weiner’s Circle Herndon, VA […]

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Cloudera: Twelve Months In

After more than twelve months with Cloudera, I still have difficulty explaining to others what I do for a living. Titles mean different things to different people at different companies in different industries. Perhaps some exposition is in order. As a part of our Field Services Team, the bulk of my time is spent embedded […]

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